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Founder’s Note

Key Apparel Sourcing is a pioneer amongst buying houses in the Garment & Textile sourcing industry, focusing on providing the best prices and on-time delivery.

We bring to the table 20+ years of solid knowledge as a top-notch buying house providing apparel sourcing services for major US, European, and Japanese brands through the excellent production capabilities of the strongest manufacturers in countries such as Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Ukraine.

I love challenges, the most rewarding challenge in this business is being able to “Wow” our clients with the final results. The cost, production lead time, high testing standards, and delivery timeliness are the measures of success that we’re most proud of.

With the vast experience of our own staff and network of partners in creating garments & textiles, we look forward to seeing the buyers’ smile of satisfaction.

Your orders with us helps charities fight COVID-19!

We are donating 5% of our revenue to charitable oragnization as COVID-19 Relief Stimulus. See the causes we support here

Founded in Miami, Florida as a garments buying house serving mainly the US markets.

Established Key Apparel Sourcing offices in Singapore, and Vietnam

Key Apparel Sourcing became the major Buying House for over 300 retail outlets across 3 continents.

Key Apparel Sourcing offices serving major world’s retailers from Kiev, Singapore, Miami, Vietnam, Cambodia and Bangladesh.

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There are two challenges when seeking new sources of clothing, the logistics of the supply chain and the importance of quality control. Key Apparel Sourcing have taken care of both, as well as so much more, ensuring we have access to ethically sourced quality products with a trusted logistical solution.

Sarah Andrew

Senior Buyer at Target

With Key Apparel Sourcing we not only have a robust supply solution for a variety of clothing, but we have confidence that the products are ethically produced in a sustainable process,
which is important for our customers.

Mark Douglass

Senior Buyer, Walmart

Bringing in Key Apparel Sourcing as a partner has transformed our supply chain management. As experts they not only source quality products, but offered a complete logistics solution
that we can rely on when it matters most.

Rob Wood

Merchandiser at Kmart Supply Chain

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